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Photocell and flashing lamp Accessories

ModelBattery powerBattery LifeRotationWorking voltageLow voltage alarmFlash LEDWater proofSizeInfo
P5001  //  /12-24V AC/DC  /  /Yes73*43*25mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5111Supportnormal0-180°12-24V AC/DC or 2*alkaline batterySupport  /Yes110*55*31mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5113Supportmuch longer0-180°12-24V AC/DC or 2*lithium battery Support/Yes110*55*31mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5112Supportmuch longer/2*1.5AA Size Alkaline Battery or 12-24V AC/DCSupport  /Yes128*50*35mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5102  //0-180°12-24V AC/DC  /  /Yes128*50*28mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5103  //  /12-24V AC/DC  /  /Yes128*50*28mm940NM Wavelength;CE
P5200  //0-180°12-24V AC/DC  /  /Yes100*40*35mm940NM Wavelength;CE
PF5102  //0-180°12-24V AC/DC  /SupportYes128*50*35mm940NM Wavelength;
PF5103  //  /12-24V AC/DC  /SupportYes128*50*35mm940NM Wavelength;


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Gate photocell with LED flash lamp PF5102

USER MAUNALPhotocell with LED flasher PF5102I. Technical Specification  1...

Gate photocell and flash lamp PF5103

USER MAUNALI. Technical Specification1. Working voltage: 12~24VAC/DC 2. Wor...