Shop control board, transmitter and receiver kits for auto and electric gate opener.

ModelWorking voltageSizeLatch/non-latch switchableContactself-learning functionLoadign capacityCertificateConnectionTransmitter stored
R510X12-24V AC/DC58*34*20mmSwitchableOne set of NC/NOYes1A,30VDCCE,FCCTerminal block or cable30 or 300pcs max
R511X12-24V AC/DC58*34*20mmSwitchableTwo sets of NOYes1A,30VDCCE,FCCTerminal block or cable30 or 300pcs max
R52XX85-265VAC135*78*30mmSwitchableTwo sets of NC/NOYes10A 277VAC/Terminal block30 or 300pcs max
R54XX12-24V AC/DC135*78*30mmSwitchableFour sets of NC/NOYes3A 250VAC/Terminal block30 or 300pcs max


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