door tubular motor receiver TM5211

remote control switch/receiver tubular motor receiver



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door tubular motor receiver TM5211
door tubular motor receiver TM5211
door tubular motor receiver TM5211
door tubular motor receiver TM5211

door tubular motor receiver TM5211

remote control switch/receiver tubular motor receiver

  • Item No.TM5211
    MOQ42 pcs
  • Product size12 x 7.6 x 4.6 cm
    Product weight370 g
  • CTN. Spec 36.5*33.5*16 cm / 42pcs
    G.W/N.W17 / 16 kg
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I. Specification      
 1 .Working voltage: 220VAC,50HZ
 2.  Loading capacity: 2HP,240VAC
 3. Working frequency: 433.92MHz        
 4. Built-in fuse: electrocircuit (0.5A), motor (10A)        
 5. Temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃.        
 6. Code:Rolling code       
 7. with external button and photocell protection        
 8. Size: 113×74×44MM

Ⅱ. Safety Instruction            
 1.For security, please read the instructions carefully before initial operation; making sure that the power is off before connection.           
 2 .The received signal may be interfered by other communication devices. (e.g. the wireless control system with the same frequency range)               
 3.  It is forbidden to control the high-risk coefficient equipment / system. (e.g. cranes)     
 4. It should be applied in dry indoor place or in the electric appliance place.

III. Set up                            
 1. Learning / memorizing transmitters: Press the learning button on the panel,LED turns into red and gets into learning state;press the same button  twice on the same transmitter,LED blinks for a while and turns into green shows transmitter has been learned  successfully.                               
 2. Erasing Transmitter:Continue pressing the learning button (about 8s) until LED turns green then release the learning button, LED turns red (about 1s) then turns green. It indicates that the erasing process is successful.

IV: Operational process                            
 4.1 Three button control system with transmitter and non-Latch model Button 1,2,3 in transmitter is in correspondence with open, close and stop.
 4.2 Three button control with transmitter and latch model Motor works clockwise when keep pressing button 1;Motor works anticlockwise when keep pressing button 2;Motor stops when releasing button
 4.3 Single button control system and non-Latch model "Press-Open(motor works clockwise), press-stop, press-close(motor works anti clockwise),press-stop,and so on in a loop. Single-button control is only effective to the learned button; if a new button of transmitter learned into  the control panel, the formal one is useless. (e.g.: if learned button ① at first, and then button ② or ③, the former button ① becomes invalid)."

 4.4 Single button control and latch model Motor works clockwise/anticlockwise when keep pressing the button; motor stops when releasing. 
 4.5 Infrared sensor protection It works both when door closing and opening. Motor stops when photocell signal disconnecting during door closing.                            
(External photocell PHOTO port connects photocell normally close switch,share the same port with external stop button, refers to the connection picture)  

 1.Single-button control refers to single button in transmitter; ▲ ■ ▼ in control panel is in correspondence with open, close and stop.
 2. Max running time means that the motor’s maximum running time at a time is 100S; the motor stops immediately if longer than 100S.    
 3. ▲ ■ ▼ in control panel and OPEN STOP CLOSE button in transmitter are in correspondence with open,close and stop."  

Established in March, 2004, Zhejiang Hiland Technology Co., Ltd is a professional designer and qualified manufacturer for automatic control systems. Hiland serve programmable wireless transmitter, sliding gate opener, receiver, tubular motor receiver, sliding gate control board, roller shutter control board, flash lamp, photocell and wireless keypad. Hiland brand products with unique design have been approved by ISO9001-2008, CE(EMC,LVD,RF), C-TICK, EN12978, RoHS ,etc. strict requirements, and sell well in Europe, Asia, Middle east, North America, etc.Hiland have improved SAMSUNG SMT machine and soldering machine, ICT test, FCT test to guarantee PCBA with high quality.
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Export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, independent research and development, its own brand.
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Have been approved by ISO9001-2008, CE(EMC,LVD,RF),C TICK,EN12978,ROHS,etc. strict requirements.


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