Automatic gate photocell Sensor P5102

12V-24V AC/DC power supply automatic photocell P5102

  • Item No.P5102
    MOQ80 Set / Sets
  • Size 14.00 x 11.50 x 3.50 cm
    Weight178.00 g
  • Packing Size / qty 38.00*37.00*20.00 cm / 30Set
    G.W / N.W6.00 / 4.60 

    Automatic Photocell Sensor  P5102

    I. Technical Specification

     1. Working voltage: 12~24VAC/DC
     2. Working current(24VDC):emitter: ≤15mA    receiver: ≤30mA
     3. Photocell wavelength: 940nm
     4. Angle of opposite emission: ≤±5º
     5. Receiver range: ≥15m
     6. Internal Rotation system  adjusted Angle: 0~180 º
     7.  Working temperature: -20º~+60℃
     8. Relay contact loading capacity: 1A/30VDC
     9. Waterproof grade: IP54
     10. Size: 127*50*28mm

    II. Safety Instruction

     1. For security, please read the user manual carefully before initial operation;
     2. Please be sure the power is off before connecting, the product is produced without fuse;
     3. It is used only for the manual remote control and wireless control equipment / system, this system must not endanger life or property during the running failure or its security risks have been eliminated;
     4. Please operate the product in effective receive range.

     III. Installation Instruction

     1. The product should be installed more than 20cm upper the ground(to avoid reflection), and the distancebetween emitter and receiver shall be more than 0.5 meters(if not , maybe the photocell will working on or cannot work);
     2. the end user  should installed the photocell on the back of the direct sunshine or other strong shining(±5º) to keep the photocell work well steadily
     3. Pls try to avoid installing other photocell emitters within effective receive range;
     4. If install many photo cells on the same line, can install receivers on two ends and then emitters in themiddle back to back which can effectively avoid the  problem as above.
     5. in order to avoid signal bias of emitters and receivers which will easily cause mis-operation, pls Install the photocell firmly
     6. Connecting power after checking no error of connecting lines: emitter LED lights, receiver LED lights, receiver NO/COM connects while NC/COM disconnects; Making the CAP of emitter and receiver align, receiver LED off, NC/COM connects while NO/COM disconnects. If the signal between emitter and receiver is interrupted, receiver LED lights, NC/COM disconnects while NO/COM connects.




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