Tubular Motor Receiver TM5162

Factory made strong fuction tubular motor receiver TM5162 for gate/window

  • Item No.TM5162
    MOQ42 pcs / pcss
  • Size 12.00 x 7.60 x 4.60 cm
    Weight360.00 g
  • Packing Size / qty 36.50*33.50*16.00 cm / 42pcs
    G.W / N.W15.00 / 14.20 

     Tubular Motor Receiver TM5162 

    I. Specification

     1. Working voltage: 220VAC,50HZ/
     2. Loading capacity: 2HP,240VAC
     3. Working frequency: 433.92MHz
     4. Built-in fuse: electrocircuit (0.5A), motor (10A)
     5. Temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃.
     6. Code:Rolling code
     7. with external button and photocell protection
     8. Size: 113×74×44MM

    Ⅱ. Safety Instruction

     1. For security, please read the instructions carefully before initial operation; making sure that the power is off before connection.
     2. The received signal may be interfered by other communication devices. (e.g. the wireless control system withthe same frequency range)
     3. It is forbidden to control the high-risk coefficient equipment / system. (e.g. cranes)
     4. It should be applied in dry indoor place or in the electric appliance place.

    III.  Operational process

     5.1 Three button control system with transmitter and non-Latch model Button 1,2,3 in transmitter is in correspondence with open, close and stop.
     5.2 Single button control system and non-Latch model   Press-Open(motor works clockwise), press-stop, press-close(motor works anti clockwise),press-stop,and so on in a loop.   Single-button control is only effective to the learned button; if a new button of transmitter learned into the control panel, the formal one is useless. (e.g.: if learned button ① at first, and then button ② or ③, the former button ① becomes invalid).
     5.3 Infrared sensor protection,It only work when door closing. Motor stops after 1 second and reverse when photocell signal disconnecting during door closing.(External photocell PHOTO port connects photocell normally close switch)
     5.4 with external switch,External switch is single button control.Press-Open(motor works clockwise), press-stop, press-close(motor works anti clockwise),press-stop,and so on in a loop.





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