110V AC Sliding gate control board SL0730

sliding gate control PCB board SL0730

  • Item No.SL0730
    MOQ24 PCS / PCSs
  • Size 17.50 x 12.50 x 4.50 cm
    Weight540.00 g

    Sliding gate control board SL0730

    I. Safety Instruction  

    1.1 For security, please read instructions carefully before initial operation; making sure that the power is off before connection.
    1.2 Please clear the memory before initial operation. (Ref.: Erasing ALL learned/memorized Transmitters)
    1.3 Do not learn the remote control when motor is operating in order to avoid mis-operation.
    1.3 The received signal may be interfered by other communication devices. (e.g. the wireless control system with the same frequency range)
    1.4 It is used only for the manual remote control and wireless control equipment / system which must not endanger life or property during running failure, or its security risks have been eliminated.
    1.5 It should be applied in dry indoor place or in the electric appliance place

    II. Technical Index  

    2.1 Working voltage: 110VAC,60Hz
    2.2 Temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃
    2.3 Loading capacity : 1HP 110VAC
    2.4 Built-in fuse: electric circuit(0.5A); Motor(10A),Please exchange appropriate fuse accoding to loading capacity

    2.5 Soft-start time:1S. Soft-stop time = 127s - quick running time
    2.6 Qucik running time: Adjustable from 3s to 120s ----TP3 is to set up
    2.7 Frequency: 433.92MHz
    2.8 Transmitter stored: 30PCS
    2.9 Output voltage: AC24V
    2.10 Output with flash lamp: AC110V
    2.11 External switch (open,stop,close in a loop)
    2.12 External limit ( DIP1 to select NO and NC)
    2.13 External infrared (NC contact)
    2.14 Resistance of opening and closing door is adjustable
    2.15 Auto close time is adjustable: (5S,10S,30S are optional by using DIP7,DIP8)
    2.16 Latch and non-latch remote system are optional by  DIP4
    2.17 Installation at left or right side is optional by DIP3.
    2.18 Single / three button control is optional by DIP2
    2.19 Size: 140*103*38mm


    1. Man-made resistance is needed after adjusting resistance,in order to make sure the resistance is appropriate or not.                                        
    2. Open and stop resistance shall be examined regularly.  

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