Receiver Module R2701

Factory made auto gate control receiver module

  • Item No.R2701
    MOQ500 PCS / PCSs
  • Size 6.70 x 4.50 x 2.00 mm
    Weight15.00 g

    Carrier frequency is 433.92Mhz of receive module R2701. It’s convenient to plug in and pull out with a simple connection port and stable data output. The capacity of resisting disturbance of motor is strong with an indication shows the strength of the signal received. It is used widely in the wireless control and monitor area of garage door, smart home, security and protection, alarm and environmental monitoring

    1. Voltage stabilization inside the module: Input range : 5V±0.5V
    2. Performance is stable with local oscillator of crystal
    3. High sensitivity, low working voltage, small volume
    4. Good performance with low temperature and working temperature range is -20~85

    5. Lead free SMT welding technology can meet ROSH standard

    1. Learning transmitters:Press the learning button S1, LED is on, enters into the learning / memorizing transmitter process; Press the same button twice, LED blinks for several times, then off. The learning process is successful
    2. Erasing transmitter: Press the learning button S1 in receive module, continue pressing for 8s until LED turns off; Release learning button, LED will be on (about 2s) and then off; the erasing process is successful.
    PCB size: 39 * 20 *1.0 mm



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