Gate Flash Lamp F7000
Dec 14,2015

new design mini size 12-265V AC/DC LED type gate flash lamp


Automatic gate wireless keypad K5000
Apr 11,2016

This is a 2-channel transmitter, it can be installed indoors and outdoors, it is activated after you enter the correct password. 

It's for automatic gate and similar mechanical devices. Launch codes will change every time to ensure the safety of the product. 

Newly improved&more convenient- Customer self-set code of transmitter
Jun 15,2016
Hiland has a newly designed model of auto gate transmitter. Different from others, it has a new function that customers can set code by yourselves with transmitter in your side.We always can accept customized code, but this should be operated by us, but now, your can operate by yourselves without taking apart the whole transmitter. 
New function-Tubular Motor Receiver TM5820
Jun 23,2016

Usually, our tubular motor receivers are one set photocell(emitter and receiver) or two same type sets (both contactor or both impulse) connected, but, TM5820 can be connected with 2 sets of different photocells(either contactor or impulse). 

Hiland product packing view, bulk package
Jul 05,2016

Hiland just do our best job in packing process to make our customers' goods protected. 

Enhance anti-interfrrence function---gate photocell
Jul 13,2016

Usually, there is more or less interference between 2 sets of photocells when they work. In the past years, Hiland also faced this problem. Now our engineer has improved this and successfully make less interference between photocells. That is, we have enhance the anti-interference function of photocell. When one set of photocells works, another one are not that easily influenced.